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Allium is the proof-of-work algorithm used in Garlicoin as of block 58670. The Allium hashing algorithm is based on the Lyra2REv2 algorithm. Allium is chain based and it contains a series of different hash functions – Blake, Keccak, LYRA2, CubeHash, Skein and Grøstl.


The Allium algorithm was modified by Garlicoin developers to favor GPU miners because of ASIC mining controlling a majority of the network's hash power. As a result, on Friday 16, 2018 (block 58670), Garlicoin forked from Scrypt-N to Allium.

This chained algorithm is secure, robust and is designed to defeat ASIC miners.

Blake -> Keccak -> LYRA2 -> Cubehash -> LYRA2 -> Skein -> Cubehash -> Grøstl

Since it is memory dependent and due to its chained structure; designing an ASIC miner for Allium hashing is quite difficult.