How to deposit BTC or LTC into Freiexchange

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- BTC or LTC in a wallet or exchange - Ready to send/withdraw

Create a Freiexchange account

  • Click on the link sent to your mailbox to activate your account
  • You can now log-in and enable 2-factors authentification if you want

Find deposit button and get receiving address

  • When logged in, select "Wallets" at the top right
  • There are 4 columns under Wallets:

<Balance>, <In orders>, <Total>, <In Deposit>

  • Search for row referring to BTC/LTC
LTC row. The 0.0000 are <Balance>, <In orders>, <Total>, <In Deposit>. There are colored buttons.
  • Click the green "Deposit" button
  • Get address and send your crypto to it
  • FreiExchange requires at least N network confirmations (N depends on coin) before adding the value to your account, you can check the number of confirmations by clicking on the purple "Transactions" button
  • When Frei sees the transaction, the BTC/LTC should appear under column <In Deposit>
  • Once the transaction has confirmed, the BTC/LTC will appear under column <Balance>