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A list of Garlicoin related open source projects. Garlicoin core itself and many other related projects are open source. Please consider contributing by submitting code pull requests, updating documentation, or opening issues.

Open Source Projects
Name Repository Programming Language Description
Garlicoin Core C, C++, Python The main repository for the core implementation of Garlicoin
Garlium Python An alternative Garlicoin wallet based on Electrum
Garlicwallet Recovery Javascript, Python A tool for recovering Private Keys from a BIP39 paper key
Garlicwallet Android Java, Kotlin Android implementation of an SPV wallet
garlicoinjs-lib Javascript A javascript Garlicoin library for node.js and browsers
garlicoind-rpc Javascript A client library to connect to Garlicoin Core RPC in JavaScript
bitcore-lib-grlc Javascript A pure and powerful JavaScript Garlicoin library
garlicore-lib Javascript (Updated version: bitcore-lib-grlc) JavaScript Garlicoin library
Garlicoin Discord Bot Javascript Sends info about Garlicoin, user wallets and freshgrlc mining info