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Speedrun (Any%)

  • So you wanna buy some garlic?
    • Buy LTC/DOGE at your favoured exchange
    • Deposit those coins on Frei ( )
    • Sell them on Freixchange for BTC
    • Buy grlc
    • Enjoy having juicy garlicoin in your possesion

Buying Garlic

Traditional Exchanges

Frei Exchange

Freiexchange is our most used exchange website for trading GRLC.




Decentralized Exchanges

You can use the decentralized exchanges to buy WGRLC as a BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain. This WGRLC is created and backed by GRLC being placed into an escrow account by a Smart Contract, where it can later be unwrapped. WGRLC is not compatible with GRLC wallets and must be unwrapped at before use with the Core or Garlium wallets. If you have issue wrapping or unwrapping your garlic, please join the Garlicoin discord for help.

Wrapped Garlic

The Unofficial WGRLC Trading Guide


Buy WGRLC on PancakeSwap

Trust Wallet

  • Step 0: If you are using iOS, Trust Wallet now requires a manual step to use the Trust Wallet DApp Browser
  • Step 1: Purchase BNB via Trust Wallet or send BNB to your "Smart Chain" address in your Trust Wallet Multi-coin Wallet
  • Step 2: Verify you have the correct Binance Smart Chain (BSC) contract address: 0x7283DfA2d8D7e277b148cc263B5d8Ae02f1076D3. Copy this address. Verify that this is the correct contract (Remember anyone can change a wiki!)
  • Step 3: Open Pancake Swap in the Trust Wallet DApp Browser
  • Step 4: Click "Connect" in the top left corner of the screen, then click "Trust Wallet."
  • Step 5: After authenticating, under "Swap" choose BNB as the "From" coin
  • Step 6: Click "Select a currency" on the section for the "To" coin, then paste in the contract address (0x7283DfA2d8D7e277b148cc263B5d8Ae02f1076D3)
  • Step 7: WGRLC should come up. Choose add to select it as your "To" currency.
  • Step 8: Choose the amounts of your "From" or "To" currency to get the amount you'd like. If you plan to unwrap your WGRLC into GRLC later, consider saving some BNB for the gas fees for that process.
  • Step 9: Submit your transaction and confirm any other popups
  • Step 10: WGRLC should automatically appear in your wallet, but if it doesn't go to your wallet, click the icon in the top left, then search for WGRLC, then click add custom token. Use the contract address again.
  • Step 11: Unwrap your WGRLC by opening in your Trust Wallet DApp Browser. Enter the destination address for your GRLC and how much you want to unwrap. (Make sure you have a separate GRLC wallet, as it can't be stored in Trust Wallet.) Then Trust Wallet should connect and let you unwrap. Keep in mind you will need BNB to pay the unwrapping gas fee.