FreshGrlc Instant Payout vs Daily Payout

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TL;DR: Don’t use instant payout, if switching from instant to daily, create a new receiving address and prepend it with "daily-".

More detail:

With the instant payout, the number of transactions being sent to your wallet will become very high. This will cause issues with spending your hard earned Garlicoin because of the number of transactions that you will end up with. This will both limit the amount you can send at once and increase the fees you must pay.

If you already have too many transactions from mining, the best way to consolidate these transactions is to send the Garlicoin to your self in chunks that are under 100kb until you have transactions of significant size as to send to others. You may be able to use a exchange wallet to do this, but there is a small chance that too many transactions in a short time to that wallet may get you banned.

Migrating from Instant to Daily

  • Create a new receiving address for your wallet (you can have multiple receiving addresses for one wallet)
  • Prepend the new address with "daily-" in miner command.


ccminer-x64 --algo=allium -o stratum+tcp:// -u daily-AddressNew --max-temp=85 --submit-stale


  • 10 GRLC - WhaleGoddess
  • 10 GRLC - JorgeJorge