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What Is Mining

Mining, in cryptocurrency, is the process of verifying that a transaction is valid using computer calculations. For each verification a miner makes, they get a small amount of newly created Garlicoin for their “hard” work.
You can learn more about how blockchain works here.

Miners can only use their CPU (Processor) and GPU (Graphics Card) to mine Garlicoin as it is ASIC resistant; meaning that it will try to block mining on mining-specific hardware.


Miners can use either their CPU (processor) or GPU (graphics card) to mine Garlicoin (since Garlicoin is ASIC resistant, those are the only two options).
Mining on the CPU is more accessible and easier to setup, but mining on the GPU is much faster and will yield to better results; It is therefore recommended to mine on the GPU (if available). It should be noted that mining on a laptop is not recommended (although feasible), because laptops are much less powerful and could get damaged much more easily.

Solo vs Pool

When mining, whoever successfully verifies (or mines) a block first gets the reward for mining it.

Solo mining is when a miner tries to mine by themselves; this can lead to a much higher block reward than pool mining (because the reward isn’t shared), but is much more difficult because others might be able to mine faster and the Solo miner will never be able to mine one before everyone else.

Pool mining is when multiple miners get together and mine as a group (called a pool). This group is able to mine much more efficiently, which might lead to a higher success rate (and therefore reward) to its miners. Because pools are groups of miners, when they reach a reward, it is distributed to everybody based on how much they contributed (meaning a much lower reward than with solo mining). Some pools might also have a pooling fee, which are usually used by the owner to pay for their pool’s hosting cost.

Not everybody should use the same pool. If a pool dominates (controls at least 51% of all the mining power), it means that they have full control over the blockchain and can therefore cheat the system by modifying some of the values (essentially creating, stealing, or removing money). As a result, pool diversity is very important and people should try to find the best pool or independent ones, to solidify the network.

Start Mining

If you wish to start mining, you can check out these options: GPU Pool Mining is recommended as it has the highest success rate.