How To Mine on Windows Using an AMD GPU

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Pool Mining

Make sure that you have already setup a wallet! You can check out the Windows Wallet Guide to learn more.
Pool mining does not require the network running.

Step 1: Downloading the Files

Download this special Pool Miner. Put that folder in its own folder (perhaps Pool AMD Miner).

Step 2: Setting Up the Miner

Now you will want to edit the file Run-Allium.bat Edit the file (Right Click > Edit), and enter this

.\sgminer.exe -k allium -o POOL -u ADDRESS -p x 

Then, replace the POOL to the pool’s address (you can find some available pools here).
Once that is done, replace the ADDRESS (which is right after -u) to your address.

If you have an AMD navi gpu, or a newer AMD gpu in general if you aren't sure, try replacing -k allium with -k allium_navi.

Additionally, some pools may require the option --difficulty-multiplier 0.5 to be specified. You may need to test this later.

Step 3: Start Mining

You can open Run-Allium.bat!
The miner might take a while to calibrate, it can take between 1 to 10 minutes.

Access is denied

Check your antivirus, it might be preventing the network from functioning


If the above troubleshooting steps do not work. You can ask in the Discord chat #troubleshooting or #windows-mining