How to Setup a Garlicoin Core Wallet on macOS

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Install Garlicoin Core on macOS

Install Garlicoin-qt (GUI) Core Wallet on ARM or Intel Macs with the pre-compiled binary

Basic Install

  • Unpack the .tar.gz file by double clicking on it in finder
  • Open the garlicoin-0.17.3 folder that was just created
  • Open the bin folder
  • Control-click garlicoin-qt and choose "Open"
  • You can ignore the file sizes on the first screen. The current block chain size as of 2021-05-02 is about 8gb.
  • Navigate the menu to Help > Debug Window > Console
  • Run the command addnode onetry
  • Garlicoin-qt should begin to sync and download the blockchain data. This may take anywhere from 2-8 hours.
  • Garlicoin-qt should automatically create a wallet for you on first run
  • You can encrypt this wallet with a passphrase by going to Settings > Encrypt Wallet
    • If you lose this password, any GRLC in your wallet will likely be lost forever. Make sure you do not lose this. It is highly recommended you store this password in a safe place.
  • Backup the wallet.dat file created in the folder /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Garlicoin/wallets to a safe place
  • Create a new address by navigating to File > Receiving Addresses...
  • Click New, then give your address a label and click Ok. (The Address field stays blank)
  • You can now send GRLC to the address generated

Quick Install with CLI tools

  • If you have homebrew, run the following command: brew install wget
  • tar xvzf garlicoin-0.17.3-osx64.tar.gz
  • cd garlicoin-0.17.3/bin
  • ./garlicoin-qt